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Seed of Life Geometry has been around for centuries. From Egypt, to India, to Greece, to Renaissance Italy, to the modern day, this symbol has captured the minds and imaginations of holy men, philosophers, and scientists 

WHAT IS THE SEED(in iclub logo) 
And as the name of the Seed of Life suggests, it is the basis for all creation, and the universe as we know it.

The basis of the Seed of Life is the circle which represents cycles, as well as encompassing things. 

If you continue to add circles and expand the design, then the Seed of Life grows, becoming a symbol referred to as the Flower of Life

 This flower builds on the seed, and becomes even bigger, expanding outward just like both creation and the universe. One thing builds on another, and it creates the next layer, and the next. They are all built from the same blocks (just how everything in the world is made of atoms).


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